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Event & Venue Traffic Plans

When considering a larger scale event, the requirements for event documentation become far proportionately greater, for both the venue and event organiser / planner. Safety Advisory Groups will expect to see comprehensive risk assessments, emergency, contingency and traffic management plans. Consideration should be given to car parking, the movement of vehicles within an event site, the access to the site from the road system and the likely ramifications of the increased event-related traffic.

Furthermore, pre-event information signage and during-event direction signage needs to be designed and produced.

Community TM Ltd have the experience to understand the requirements for events of all sizes. We can help produce a full traffic plan for your event and, if you have a venue with multiple events, a ‘trigger plan’ can be produced to define the levels of traffic management required, based on the numbers attending each event.

We also have the capacity to produce our own printed, bespoke weather-proof 'Correx' information signage, uniquely designed for your event.

We also produce and utilise fully compliant / reflective "AA-style" traffic signage.

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